středa 21. listopadu 2012

How to spark interest in satellite beams

To get a satellite operator into lifestyle media, PRAM Consulting starts to educate the public about Space – on a big scale.
SES is a leading telecommunication services provider on the global market – in the Czech Republic three out of four satellite TV homes receive the signal from the company’s fleet. Although there are intermediaries between the satellite operator and the end-consumer, SES attaches great emphasis on building a broader awareness of its services. Therefore PRAM Consulting entered the B2B oriented company into a rather unusual corner of the media landscape: lifestyle periodicals.
PRAM prepared a series of articles treating many popular aspects of space exploration and satellite technology. The texts are filled with highly interesting details and rare background information provided by an expert on space technology, including the history of satellite technology, space debris, recovery operations on the orbit or satellite theft – did you know that these devices can be hacked too? The paragraph or two featuring SES also contains valuable information, as people don’t want to read marketing newspeak.
So far the articles have been published in the local National Geographic magazine or on, the leading technology lifestyle portal on the Czech market. But this is just the beginning: the texts are shared with the SES’ agencies throughout the CEE region and also are expected to be published in their markets.
It seems the media doesn’t need a lot of persuasion to publish the articles since they are receiving very good feedback from their readers. SES is being featured in several important media, reaching the general public in a captivating way.

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