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Inclusion of clients in product development - big marketing opportunity

Today we are surrounded by large amounts of information and advertisements. The range of offered products and services is very wide. More and more we see so popular poster effect, which emphasizes the ubiquity of advertising that people perceive less and less because it is overload. Therefore reputation of companies becomes more important than ever and can be easily destroyed. Companies can come within minutes of many years of work on the good oppinion of its brand. The question is how to build, develop and protect their reputation?

People want to choose best products or services which they can always rely on. Great potential for marketing agencies is to help large audience with sorting of large amount of information and help to get most important data and immediate answers to questions about the product or service. Customers want to have information whenever, about whatever, wherever and in the required form and they want also to get a professional and impartial oppinion from experts in the field. Therefore it is good to build on social media fancommunities and know how to deal with them properly. People like to participate in the development of new products and services, too. They like to feel that they can influence happening and that the product or service is developed with them and for them.

The biggest marketing opportunity for businesses is to give clients the chance to develop a product or service that exactly matches their requirements. On the internet is a series of options where you can publish a platform or application, under which customers would be able to develop products or services corresponding to their exact requirements. Each customer can have different requirements for specific parameters, so it should be on the internet presentation of company incorporated online configurator for create product exactly according to wishes of a particular client. Marketing key message should be that the customer is at the center and that the company meets him at all. The company mustn’t forget also that the public should always be able to evaluate products and ask the opinion of impartial experts. Firms should therefore be in contact with a professional blogger or other opinion leaders on the internet and monitor their views and impact on the reputation of the company. These views should be crucial for major corporate decisions.

In these days reputation of company associated with a number of factors stands and will stand in the foreground. It is up to the company, which method it chooses to be closer to their stakeholders and to offer them exactly what they want.

PRAM Consulting team

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